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This Site presents genealogical material on several parallel lines of the Shenton family, based on the Reunion software offered by Leister Productions, Inc. The lines are currently unconnected. Four of the lines go back to about 1700 in England: Nathanial Shenton (born about 1699 in Leicestershire), Thomas (married in 1720 in Derbyshire), William (born about 1650, possibly in Staffordshire), and John (born about 1765, probably in Lancashire). The Nathanial line is my own, and the Thomas, William and John lines have been developed by other researchers who have kindly agreed to let me publish their lines here, hopefully to the benefit of all of us. The fifth line represents some of the Shentons who emigrated (presumably from England) to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, starting with William Shenton, first noted in Dorchester County, Maryland, in 1679. This line is, initially, based solely on the published research efforts of Delmarva Roots, of Lewes, Delaware, by their kind permission. To provide a single structure for a database and web site which supports all lines - which, hopefully, will eventually be merged into a single line - I have created an "Ancestral Shenton" as the hypothetical ancestor of all these lines.

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The purpose of this site is to offer information on Shenton family history in a structured format, and act as a stimulus for other Shenton researchers. I welcome any and all inputs and assistance, especially in connecting these lines - and other Shenton lines - and tracing them back further in time. Except for on-going efforts between updates of the web site, I plan to publish here everything I have. I try, not always successfully, to do a full update of the web site every few months (major failure here lately). Additionally, I dedicate a lot of effort in researching, documenting and "sourcing" as much as possible, to weed out the unsubstantiated "family lore" and replace it with documented facts wherever possible.

Site navigation guides: click on "parent" or "child" name to move up or down in the family; click on the tree symbol for a 5-generation display; click on underscored husband/wife name to display the appropriate Person Sheet; click on superscript number in Person Sheet to display the source citation.


It has been a loooong time. Additions to this site since 09 February 2014 (Report 040) continue to reflect a back seat to my companion efforts on the Shenton One-Name Study (ONS) effort. Although there have been many updates to the source file, the results had not been posted to this site since 2014. Major changes include many new additions and sources, largely based on data from the 1939 Register and the GRO Births and Deaths postings. Therefore most of the new people and events are on the later side of the 1800s, not the earlier side. Almost 200 new people have been added (1830-2013), while a few Unknown Unknown placeholders have been culled. New sources included in this report are 391-427, although thee have been some consolidation of duplicate sources.

The Shenton One-Name Study is a separate and distinct effort based on the Shentons enumerated in the UK Censuses of 1841-1911. Malcolm Street and I are well into a project to publish the names and data on every Shenton in those Censuses, and - to the maximum extent possible - expand and link the people and households across the Census decades and the family generations. There are approximately 12,000 Shenton enumerations in the eight Census reports, so this is a massive undertaking. We are over two-thirds of the way there, as of October 2018. While the end result will be a help in my and Malcolm's individual research efforts, it should be a very significant resource for anyone conducting research on Shentons of England. We're using a new web site specifically for this effort: Shenton - One Name Study. As of October 2018, we have about 5,500 Shentons on the site; many are "connected" and extended across the Census years and some remain to be addressed. We welcome any comments and especially contributions.

Yet another Shenton genealogy research effort was the establishment of the Shenton Y-DNA Surname Project several years ago. See the link above for information. The primary site has been dropped by the hosting organization, partially as a result of the legal demands of the GDPR. Additionally, I had not devoted time to the effort due to the lack of male Shenton volunteers and the resulting meager data set. I consider the Shenton Y-DNA effort in indefinite suspension.

Over the next several months it is my intention to terminate this site - as well as the TribalPages "All the Shentons in England" site - merging the partially-parallel/partially-redundant data of the two sites into a single site, participating in a major effort by the Guild Of One-Named Studies (GOONS) or which I am a member. The timing of the shift depends on a lot of manual consolidation work and is therefore TBD.


The source for all the initial data on the 'fourth line" - the Shentons of colonial Maryland - was extracted from the book "Colonial Families of the Eastern Shore of Maryland", Volume 13, published by Colonial Roots (formerly Delmarva Roots) of Lewes, Delaware, USA, which contains about ten pages of data on Shenton/Shinton records. The authors - Henry C. Peden and F. Edward Wright - have kindly granted permission for me to publish the extracts, which hopefully will become the base of an extended line. Colonial Roots researches and publishes quite an array of data on colonial era Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania - check their website. If you note any errors of omission or commission in this fourth line, please notify me -- I can determine if there was an error in my transcription or something of which the authors should be aware.

As with many genealogical efforts, I have made extensive use of the resources of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, both on-line through FamilySearch.org and by microfilm and microfiche at the local Family History Center. While no exact printouts or downloads are presented in this site, some material in this site is reprinted or extracted by permission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In granting permission for this use of copyrighted material, the Church does not imply endorsement or authorization of this website.

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